How long does it take for one unit to be prepared?

Usually it will take anywhere from 5 to 8 days for a unit to be ready and loaded with proper connections in regards to hardware. Sometimes it also depends on availability of certain hardware (even though we keep most fully stocked). Software can take much longer depending on your requirements. Software time does not effect hardware time or vice versa.

What kind of touch screen do we offer with our hardware?

We provide 3 types of units with 16″ (black and white) and 21″ (black) screens for our customers. We can not depend on smaller screens than 16″ due to features and robust reports that you can interact with. However, we do have optimized version for Acid Pad that runs on 13″ screen and you can take it on the go.

All Acid POS units have customer facing 10 point touchscreen as well.

What type of hardware brands do we offer?

For our touchscreen unit we provide our own proprietary brand Acid POS. We have our own factory and our system is specifically designed based on cashier recommendations and actual usage over the years. Our units are glare free, oil proof and smoke proof. we also provide Acid brand advanced 1D/2D barcode scanners, Acid Pads, Acid Thermal Printers and Acid Cash Drawers.

What are the core parts of Acid POS?

Core parts of Acid POS would be main touchscreen unit, thermal printer, barcode scanner, cash register and receipt screen.